“I am a lady and I am 83. My doctor suggested that I start going to a gym. He suggested “Bayshore Fit” which is near where I live. When I arrived, I met Erin Connor who has become my trainer and friend. Erin is helping me to be steadier as I walk and showing me how to get up from a fall in case that should happen. I’m lifting weights, walking on a treadmill and other exercises. Everyone is friendly and helpful. The owners are there and interested in how everyone is going. I’m very happy to be going there and I highly recommend this gym.”
A very satisfied customer

“Best Gym Experience Ever and have been going to Gyms in S. Tampa for over 20 years! Boutique Gym Experience with Big Gym Equipment ~ Great Personal Trainers when needed and plenty of high quality equipment to workout on your own. Unique ‘Shed’/ located in the back parking area to the Gym offers an outdoor space to flip a big tire, push a sled, sprint around cones etc. etc. for a hardcore workout. Kettle Bell Classes and Noon Express Classes also great and challenging. Owners are onsite often and truly care about the members. Convenient location that offers the ability to get in ~workout and get out without all the Big Gym Hassles/Distractions.”
Sandra Pappas

“What sets Bayshore Fit apart from other health clubs is the welcoming atmosphere. The staff is extremely friendly and knowledgeable and membership is very affordable. In addition, the machines and equipment are well maintained and there’s enough variety to make workouts more interesting. The personal trainers at Bayshore Fit are top notch because they tailor your program to meet your needs.”
Frank – WTVT news anchor

“I have enjoyed working out at Bayshore Fit since it first opened.  Whether you are training for a specific sport as I do, or trying to stay in good shape, the facility has everything to meet your needs.  All the latest equipment, knowledgeable trainers and a friendly atmosphere make Bayshore Fit an easy choice for me.”
Gary Koch – NBC Golf Analyst and Champions Tour Player

“Great facility, and the owner was very friendly. I’ll be back next time I’m in Tampa for sure”
Johnny LaRue

“This is the best gym in town! I have been coming almost everyday since Oct 2014 and I am never disappointed. The space and equipment are always immaculate, the staff know my name, and the location is perfect for me. I am an early riser (not everyone shows up at 6am like I do) so sometimes I feel like I have a whole private gym to myself. I work out at my own pace doing what is comfortable for me. This gym fits me to a tee. I look forward everyday to my workout at Bayshore Fit. Best of all, at the age of 59 I have lost 12 lbs and increased my stamina since I started without changing any other part of my lifestyle. Just goes to show that exercise is the key to life and Bayshore Fit has been and continues to be the key for me.”
Lisa Stone

“The perfect gym! Bayshore Fit has all top of the line equipment and arranged, on the floor, so you never feel crowded. The staff is always friendly and they actually know your name. Location is convenient and parking is right at the door, plus the hours of operation make it so there is never an excuse not to get your daily exercise completed. Thanks Bayshore Fit for doing such a great job!”
Linda Alfonso

” I’ve been going to Bayshore Fit for a while now and I love it! Bayshore Fit is perfectly located just steps from Bayshore Blvd. It is modern, super clean and has all the equipment needed for a great workout. The staff is friendly and knowledgable but never pushy. Membership and personal training rates are very reasonable. I really enjoyed training with Kathy, one of the personal trainers. Kathy was very sincere and motivating helping me to achieve my health and fitness goals.”
Kendra Slowik