At Bayshore Fit, our approach to helping our members achieve their health and fitness goals is based on a single premise: to provide them with access to the best equipment, trainers, resources, and fitness classes available!

Our robust group fitness class schedule caters to a number of fitness goals, whether you’re looking to reduce body fat, increase muscle tone, improve balance and flexibility, or something else. In this blog, we’ll look at three excellent fitness classes that focus on helping build muscle efficiently, provided you commit to it and do the work!

Functional Fitness

When: Monday, Wednesday, Friday – 9 am to 9:45 am and 
Monday – 7 pm to 7:45 pm

This high-energized, 45-minute workout helps to blast fat and build serious muscle by incorporating elements from several sports and types of exercises. The best part is that it prepares you for everyday, real-life movements such as squatting, reaching, pulling, and lifting. Part of the reason why this type of workout is primed to help build muscle is that the movements are designed to make muscles work together, rather than focusing on a single muscle group at a time.

Bayshore HIIT

When: Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – 6 pm to 6:55 pm

This might sound surprising, but our most difficult group class is designed to make you fail! That is, to reach muscle failure, repeatedly. 

When you repeat a movement until muscle failure, it helps you boost strength levels, crush plateaus, creating an opportunity for enormous muscle growth. This happens because by recruiting more muscle fibers in a movement or rep, it increases metabolic stress on the muscle, more muscle damage, and in a way, “shocks” your muscles into greater growth.

Circuit Training

When: Monday – 6 pm to 6:45 pm
Friday – 5:45 am – 6:30 am
Sunday – 9:00 am – 9:55 am

A lot of our members ask “what classes help with muscle toning” which is a question that we both love and laugh at! When you want to “tone” what you actually want to achieve is to build muscle and reduce body fat. Our intense circuit training class is fast-paced and uses a variety of exercise sets with minimal rest in between, providing you with an excellent cardiovascular benefit as well. Plus, there is no greater feeling than starting off Sunday Funday with a powerful workout before hitting up brunch with your friends!

At Bayshore Fit, our membership with unlimited classes are $89 per month with no long-term commitments needed. Want to try a drop-in class? We provide that too for only $20 per class. To learn more about Bayshore Fit, come see us in person, or visit our class schedule to learn more.