Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business. All over the country, companies are realizing that the benefits of employee wellness programs outweigh the costs.

“Corporate wellness is a newer concept that’s only been around the last few years, but there’s actually a lot of research on corporate wellness and how it improves employee morale and the healthy behavior of employees,” says Beth Scanlan, co-owner of Bayshore Fit. Read on to find out how your company can benefit from a corporate gym membership.

Fewer Sick Days

Regular exercise causes a change in antibodies and white blood cells to help fight disease.

A Netherlands study found workers who meet recommended exercise levels (vigorous activity a minimum of 3 times per week) saw less sick leave – more than 4 fewer days per year.

Increased Productivity

Sluggish employees are not effective employees. Working out makes your team more alert thanks to increased blood flow and a protein triggered through exercise called BDNF (brain-derived neurotrophic factor), which improves cognitive abilities.

Encourages Confidence

Ever experienced the “runner’s high” after a tough workout – like all your stress just melts off? Exercise improves your body inside and out. Strength and cardio training builds muscle, reduces fat, and releases feel-good endorphins to help you feel confident. 

It’s Cost-Effective

Many gyms, including Bayshore Fit, offer reduced pricing to make a corporate membership affordable. Plus, healthier employees reduce the cost of insurance premiums for your organization. It’s a win-win for everyone. 

Improved Teamwork

Bayshore Fit corporate memberships include private workout classes for the company to have some fun together and strengthen bonds.

“It’s neat to see how motivation is increased when you work out in a group of people and how the morale of the group is increased,” says Beth. “When you go through something hard with other people, you feel a sense of closeness.”

Recruit and Retain Employees

A great benefits package that includes a gym membership attracts top talent. Plus, it shows current employees that you care about their health, increasing retention.

Improved Mental Health

Let’s face it – most jobs are stressful. Aerobic exercise is proven to reduce anxiety and depression by increasing communication in areas of the brain controlling mood and stress response.

Ready to sign up for a corporate membership? Make sure it’s the best gym in town. Your team will love Bayshore Fit — upscale equipment, no crowds and a friendly vibe. We offer special rates for employers who are dedicated to making and maintaining a healthy team –  Contact us for more information.