Regular exercise is one of the best gifts you can give yourself, but it isn’t always easy to determine exactly what exercise routine you should use. From the treadmill to the free weights and everything in between, you definitely have a wide range of options for each workout. High intensity interval training (HIIT) is one such option that has surged in popularity over the last five years. HIIT could be your favorite workout strategy yet!  

What is High Intensity Interval Training?

High intensity interval training takes the concept of standard interval training and significantly raises the bar. Rather than completing relatively unchanged exercises like running a steady pace on the treadmill or working on the stair stepper, HIIT requires you to alternate between intense bursts of activity and short periods of rest. This pattern makes it impossible for your body to get comfortable. Instead, you boost your metabolism, shed calories faster than you can imagine, and continue to burn fat long after your workout is over. If you maintain a consistent HIIT schedule, you’ll be able to watch the fat practically melt off your body and reveal defined muscle underneath.

The Magic of Body Weight Resistance

Many HIIT routines do not use any weights at all. It’s actually possible to sculpt sleek muscles without lifting weights. HIIT exercises use your body weight as the resistance. This means that instead of bicep and tricep curls, you will learn to master a variety of push up forms, and rather than using the leg machines at the gym, you will complete many types of challenging squats and lunges. When you get creative and follow the experts, these body weight resistance techniques can produce results without the weights.

Transform Your Body with HIIT

Regular HIIT will truly transform your body. Here is an example of an HIIT circuit: 30 seconds of burpees, 30 seconds of squat jumps, 30 seconds of a run-lunge combination, and 30 seconds of mountain climbers. All without any breaks! You then receive a 30-second break to catch your breath, then complete the two minute cycle again. Since these various HIIT circuits target every part of your body even muscles you never knew you had! you will watch week by week as your body becomes slimmer and more contoured. You’ll also enjoy the benefits of feeling stronger, healthier, and more energetic!

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