Do you want to take your fitness to the next level? Or have you neglected to go to the gym because you’re too busy, too tired, or the facility is too crowded? Maybe you’re just not sure what kind of exercise to do, or looking for an environment where you feel comfortable and surrounded by friendly people.

At Bayshore Fit, we believe fitness is for everyone, no matter where you’re starting or your ultimate goals. Don’t look any further than our boutique, full-service fitness center when searching for the right gym. No crowds, the best equipment, free classes, expert trainers, and a friendly vibe.

What Kind of Exercise Should I Do?

There is no “best” cardio or strength training program. The best program is the one that you will stay consistent with every week. The program should include functional or compound movements instead of isolation movements. An example would be a squat and press or a dumbbell deadlift with a row. Functional movements train the body for activities performed in daily life and most often work the whole body. Focus on these exercises that work the whole body rather than simple isolation movements such as a bicep curl or the inner/outer thigh machine.

Sometimes the best exercise for you is one that you enjoy. When you like your activity, and feel comfortable in the environment, you look forward to your workout instead of treating it as a chore. And once you get going, it gets better and better each day. 

It is important to plan your workout before you get to the gym. Take a few minutes at home to do this and be certain these exercises are helping you reach your goal. A specific, established goal is a necessary step to plan your workout.

Do you want to:

  • Lose weight?
  • Improve your endurance?
  • Gain muscle?
  • Meet new people?
  • Try something new?
  • Are you unable to do exercise you loved because of an injury?

At Bayshore Fit, our friendly staff and team of expert trainers will teach you how to use all the equipment correctly for best results and structure daily workouts to help you reach your specific goals. From free weights to Peloton bikes. Treadmills to rowing machines. Stretching to strength training. We offer it all.

Need a little extra structure of motivation? Then look at our small group classes or hire one of our personal trainers.

Do I Need a Personal Trainer?

Personal trainers develop individualized programs and give you motivation along the way. They’ll work with you to create the right nutrition plan, plus adjust your exercise routine as you get stronger and faster. Your advanced personal trainer is also your accountability buddy. They’ll keep you motivated and encourage you when you’ve spent.

Get the Best Workout Near Me!

Are you ready to change your life? Choose Bayshore Fit. We’ve been helping clients just like you in the South Tampa area for more than 20 years, and as an owner-operated fitness gym, we ensure that everyone has a personal experience. We work with each client to meet their goals and offer personalized suggestions for other options, including personal training and group exercise classes. You’ll never wait in line or get lost in the crowd at Bayshore Fit. Give us a call today, fill out our online contact form to learn more, or drop by for a personalized tour!