As holiday travel heats up, there’s no better place to spend this special time of year than right here in beautiful, sunny Tampa Florida. With the seasonal gatherings, however, comes a lot of downtime – and, of course, a lot of tempting treats on buffet and dinner tables alike. If you’re looking to stay ahead of the game and emerge in the new year looking fit, you’ll need a fitness solution while you’re in town. Good news: Bayshore Fit is open and ready to help you work off that holiday downtime and all those extra party snacks.

Conveniently located in South Tampa for easy access, you’ll have plenty of benefits at your fingertips – a practical Santa’s list of features, workouts, and tools at our local gym, all designed to help you maintain your physique well into the new year. Want to know how to stay healthy and fit, even with all the temptations of the holidays? Here are a few important tips:

Work Out on Your Schedule

Our day pass is good for all visitors, whether you’re a DIY enthusiast that likes to design their own regimen around our state-of-the-art gym equipment, or you prefer the challenge of our boot camp classes. With our affordably-priced pass, you can choose exactly how often you’d like to drop by. If you decide you’d like to come more often after you get a chance to check out the facilities, our team will be pleased to help you figure out which membership is right for you.

Consistency is the Key to Fitness

Staying for longer than a week or two? No sweat – except for what you’ll work up in our gym, of course. We offer several tiers of membership to suit your schedule, whether you’ll be staying nearby for a few days, a few weeks, or even longer. Seasonal visitors to Tampa love our gym and ongoing classes, and we’d love to add you to our ever-growing roster of satisfied annual visitors.

Stay Engaged: Mix it Up

We keep a detailed calendar of all the classes currently on offer, letting you decide how you want to spend your fitness time with us. We know that every member is unique in terms of their preferences for cardio balance, flexibility, and training, and pride ourselves in bringing something for everyone to our gym fitness class options. Group fitness options in Tampa have never been easier to find!

Pair Up for Accountability

Working out with someone else on a regular basis helps prevent accidentally slipping out of routine: a common issue during the laid-back holiday season. Need a hand with your form, or prefer to workout with guidance and spotting? Bayshore Fit has an excellent personal training program available – simply ask one of our team members for more details.

New Views: New You

We’re no strangers to the pursuit of fitness, or the beauty of Tampa: it’s no coincidence we’re located right beside Bayshore Boulevard, the longest continuous sidewalk in the world. Lined with breathtaking waterfront views, we encourage all of our new and returning members to enjoy the ambiance as a warmup before heading in.

Don’t let the holiday season interrupt your plans to achieve better form, maintain your gains, and build on your fitness goals. Contact us or stop by Bayshore Fit today, and commit to staying in shape no matter what the holidays have in store!