Calling all Tampa college students! The search is over for a solution to crowded campus gyms; Bayshore Fit is the Tampa gym to keep you fit during the upcoming school semester. With our limited membership and close community feel you can enjoy every workout at Bayshore Fit at your own pace or alongside others to keep you motivated.

Whether you’re seeking an alternative to the crowded campus fitness center or working to keep the “Freshman 15” at bay, we’ve got you covered with 7,000 square feet of gym space, bootcamp classes, no crowds, and so much more. Here are some of the best reasons why Bayshore Fit is the best fit for Tampa college students:

Proximity to The University of Tampa and USF

Hey UT and USF students, we’ve got good news — we’re here to end the “best gyms near me” search once and for all! Only 8 minutes away from the University of Tampa campus, our fitness center is just a quick drive, bike, or scooter ride away. With the trip from USF, HCC, St. Leo, and other Tampa colleges not much further, Bayshore Fit is the perfect gym for college students to work out. Alongside Tampa’s scenic Bayshore Boulevard, you’re always guaranteed a beautiful view on your trip to and from the gym.

Never Wait in Line for Equipment

Unlike big box gyms, we have a limited number of memberships available so you never have to wait in line for the equipment you want to use. On-campus gyms tend to get crowded at certain times of the day, but with us, you’ll have much more space and privacy to do your workout your way. At Bayshore Fit, we understand the importance of utilizing your time to maximize your workouts so you can have more free time in your busy schedule.

Flexible Memberships and Personal Training

One of the best features about our gym is that there are no long-term membership contracts required. Bayshore Fit has options that best suit your schedule. Whether you want to drop into classes, start with a single-month membership, or dive right into our full membership – we have everything you need. Bayshore Fit is also a hot spot for the best Tampa personal training! Choose from one of our experienced trainers and get the most out of your workouts with exercises catered to your individual fitness goals.

Relaxed Atmosphere

Being a locally owned business, our team at Bayshore Fit makes an effort to know the names of each of our members. Don’t be surprised if you make a new friend filling up your water bottle, or become part of the squad in our Bootcamp classes; the sense of community at our gym is unmatched. Our unintimidating and relaxed atmosphere allows you to reach your goals comfortably and on your own terms, without judgment.

Between classes, working a job, and extracurriculars, staying committed to a workout schedule can be challenging for college students. However, our team at Bayshore Fit is well equipped to help you keep “workout” crossed off your weekly to-do list. So grab some of your friends, drop into Bayshore Fit for a class, and test out the fitness-building experience you’ll love today!