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Get the motivation you need to meet your fitness goals at Bayshore Fit. Voted the best gym in Tampa by Tampa Magazine, this premier limited-membership gym offers group fitness classes, cold plunge and infrared saunas for an all-inclusive experience.

Bayshore Fit is the New Best Tampa Gym

Discover why Tampa Magazine voted Bayshore Fit the best gym in Tampa today by visiting our fitness center. Limited to just 1,000 members to foster a strong sense of community, our limited-membership gym helps you achieve the results you want in a welcoming, encouraging environment. Our all-inclusive memberships also provide access to group fitness classes in Tampa plus personal training and recovery options, making us your one-spot stop for all your workout needs.

Group Fitness Classes

No matter your fitness level, Bayshore Fit’s group fitness classes in Tampa lets you get your cardio in with functional training anyone can do. We offer 35 classes per week, so you can attend on your schedule when you’re looking for ways to manage your weight, get stronger, improve your endurance and increase your flexibility.

Personal Training

You tend to stick with solutions that work for you, so we offer personal training to members that includes a complimentary fitness assessment. Once our expert trainers understand what you need — and want! — to achieve, they create a personalized plan for you, then re-evaluates you as needed to see what’s working and what isn’t.

Peloton Classes

Take your training solo with Peloton classes at the best gym in Tampa. Bayshore Fit includes Peloton cycles with thousands of virtual classes at your fingertips, so you can go it alone and choose whatever works best for your goals. Pick options that focus specifically on your needs, including weight loss or management, heart health and strength training.

Outdoor Turf Area

Improve your agility and strength by utilizing the outdoor turf area at Bayshore Fit. Comprising 3000 square feet of outdoor turf, this space includes top-notch training equipment that gets you moving and sweating. Improve your strength and agility with battle ropes, tires, sleds and galvanized Eleiko rigs, among other traditional training equipment.

Recovery Room

Boost the effectiveness of your workouts by reducing soreness by using the recovery room at Bayshore Fit. Utilizing air compression, this recovery tool supports reduced muscle inflammation by flushing lactic acids and lymphatic fluids to remove toxins. Hypervolt massage guns let you home in on particularly sore spots to work out the kinks before you begin your actual workout.

Cold Plunge

Designed to enhance recovery with its invigorating effects, our Cold Plunge in Tampa supports inflammation reduction, increased circulation and muscle recovery. This refreshing effect occurs when the sudden temperature change potentially induces a fight-or-flight response that releases stress hormones, helping you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

Infrared Sauna

Though infrared saunas don’t use the same steam- or flame-based ways as traditional saunas, they do heat your body up in a similar way via infrared lights that deliver electromagnetic heat. The increased blood flow that occurs when you start to sweat may support weight loss and clearer skin and improve heart health, while the relaxation offered by the infrared sauna relaxes and soothes sore muscles, thus easing stress on joints for a potential boost in mobility.

Join Bayshore Fit today to enjoy the benefits of membership at the best gym in Tampa. Limited membership ensures you get the attention you need to succeed in a community setting.