Are those New Year’s resolutions starting to fade away after a few weeks of the new year again? Everybody makes those promises to themselves, whether it’s getting back into shape or taking that next step towards your fitness goals. It’s a new year and time to keep pushing on towards that resolution.  But what is going to help keep you motivated and on path for that goal?

Group Training is what is going to get you over the hump this year! These group training workouts are the motivator and the convenience you need.  But why is that?


First off, we all know that it helps to hold ourselves accountable. And what better way to do that is there than joining a group?  Also, these classes are intended to do the right things to keep your body healthy. With all of the group training classes at Bayshore Fit, the goal is to raise your heart rate and burn calories! With this in mind, as well as your precious time, the combination of classes and flexibility will be exactly what you need to stay true to that New Year’s Resolution.


With a multitude of different group training classes, you can be sure to find the fit for you.  Strength & Conditioning training is a high-intensity full-body workout that aims to keep the heart high to burn lots of fat.  Functional Fitness is more of a cardio-based full workout that helps maintain heart rate and burn lots of calories.  Circuit training is another full-body workout that will keep you moving and give you solid work on multiple parts of the body.  HIIT training is High-Intensity Interval Training that is geared to get you in shape.  Along with classes that are what they sound like with Arms & Abs, A$$ & Abs, and HIIT Strong. With this variety of classes, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.


There are 16 different training options each week! From 6 am options for the early risers to 6 & 7 pm classes for the late-night warrior, you’ll be sure to find time to squeeze training in.  Click for a full schedule and more details on how easy it is to make sure you get to keep on rolling towards your resolution.

We all know we need something to help us stay motivated at times. But the secret to doing that is starting group training. The collection of group training classes that Bayshore Fit has to offer is exactly what you need to push you the extra mile this new year.  With a multitude of classes and a variety of workouts, this is the flexibility you’ve been searching for. Whether you want just a little sweat or a full-on workout, they’ve got what you need. Give them a call to start classes up now at Bayshore Fit!