If you’ve been lifting the same weight for a while without results, if you want to introduce a little more power to your routine, or you want to make gains in strength, then we have some excellent tips and insights to achieve your goals and make your routine more efficient.

Lift heavier weights.

One of the biggest mistakes in the gym is doing high reps of the same weight over and over again. It seems a simple suggestion, but LIFT HEAVIER WEIGHTS. In doing so, you’re overloading your muscles, and over time, your body will adapt and simultaneously build the strength needed. The key to this is only lifting for as many reps as possible to hold correct form. The last rep should always be challenging. Your goals will dictate the range of reps but a general rule of thumb is 3 sets of 6-12 reps. Anything over 12 reps will increase muscle endurance, not strength and power. Weight should vary for different exercises depending on muscles involved. Consider working with a Bayshore Fit personal trainer to help you pick the appropriate weight.

Go slow.

By changing the tempo of your reps, you can get some variation in how your muscles react to the weights. For example, pushing up for 1-2 seconds and your lowering time to 3-4 seconds. A Bayshore Fit personal trainer can assist you with choosing the weight for tempo lifts. Lifting too heavy or too light may impede your progress.

Do more compound and combination workouts.

One of the critical ingredients of strength training is incorporating compound movements and getting multiple muscle groups to work together. Combination movements are extremely efficient in helping build muscle as well as boost your metabolism.

Boost your diet.

As you start to incorporate heavier weights into your routine, make some adaptations to how you fuel up. Your metabolism will increase alongside your muscle mass, so you may find your appetite becoming more pronounced. Wholegrain foods, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins are all good additions. Eating a nutritious, protein-filled meal within 60 minutes of completing your workout will enhance your gains even further!

Learn to Lift with the Pros

Remember that everyone responds differently, but you will get the best results when you take sessions with the best personal trainers in Tampa. At Bayshore Fit, we are committed to providing our clients with superior guidance and support. We are ready to help! We’d love to hear from you.