Autumn is here, and at Bayshore Fit it’s a great time to reassess your fitness routine and, perhaps, up your game. With the cooler temperatures you can take your workout outdoors, diversify your routine and, who knows, maybe even push yourself a little harder. And if you need some extra motivation, just remember, Thanksgiving and the Holiday season are right around the corner. If you don’t get going now, chances are you’ll be making a serious New Year’s resolution to really get back into shape. So, why wait. Fall is here. Time to spice things up!

‘Tis the Season for the Outdoor Turf!

If you’ve lived in Florida for any length of time, you know the pleasure of outdoor workouts in the Fall. That’s exactly why we added 3000 sq feet of outdoor turf to our new, state of the art gym at Bayshore Fit. Lay back, enjoy the cool air, and gaze up at the clear blue sky as you warmup, stretch and get ready to start your exercise routine. If it includes a stationary bike or rowing machine, perhaps you change the scenery and take it outside. Or take advantage of all the equipment already there; galvanized Eleiko rigs, sleds, tires, battle ropes and more. Bottomline, the outdoor turf area at Bayshore Fit is one of the best in Tampa, and this Fall is the perfect time to make the most of it!

Jump into a Group Fitness Plan

A workout is always easier when you’re surrounded with others to encourage and push you. It can also be a lot more fun! That’s why Bayshore Fit offers more than 35 Group Fitness Classes each week. Perhaps this Fall may be the perfect time to check one out? Our approach is geared towards functional training to improve cardio endurance, strength, flexibility and weight management. Classes are designed to accommodate all levels and our instructors are experts at keeping each session interesting and fun! Tired of working out and pushing yourself alone? Then change it up. Jump into one of our Group Fitness classes and add a little spice to your workout.

Keep it Interesting. Make it Fun!

Diversity is the spice of life. It’s also the best way to keep your workouts engaging and enjoyable. That’s why we encourage everyone to take advantage of the amazing inventory of equipment at Bayshore Fit and mix it up. Yes, we have top quality free weights, rowing machines, echo bikes, Concept 2 Erg bikes and treadmills. But there’s so much more. At Bayshore Fit we’ve invested in a full range of equipment so you can push sleds, flip tires, throw medicine balls, even hit tires with sledgehammers! It’s all about keeping your workouts fresh and dynamic, not boring and monotonous. No more excuses. Everything you need is right here.

Then Reward Yourself in the Recovery Room and Infrared Sauna

At Bayshore Fit, the spice continues right into your post-workout recovery time. After pushing yourself in the gym, reward yourself in our innovative recovery room. With Normatec pants, hypervolt guns are more, you can relax and recover faster, increase circulation, reduce inflammation, remove toxins, and increase range of motion and flexibility. Then rest and rejuvenate in our Infrared Sauna. Benefits include weight loss, improved sleep and circulation, clear skin, muscle and joint pain relief and toxin removal. You worked hard. Reward yourself! Stay tuned for exclusive, special offers on our unlimited sauna packages coming this November!

Get the Idea?

If you want to spice up your workout (and we highly recommend it!), this Fall is the time and Bayshore Fit is the place. We’ve got a full team ready to work with you, train you, encourage you and make your workouts fun again. What are you waiting for? Swing by for a visit or check us out at today!