So you’ve put together your training plan, set your goals, modified your diet, and hit the ground running with your program. Your drive and passion push you forward, and it’s working – for a while. But then suddenly, there’s a tapering off – your progress and results slow down. Your program has plateaued, you’ve become bored and unmotivated and realize it’s time to make a change. So how can a personal trainer help you?

Reevaluation of your program

Sometimes it takes an outside perspective to find the weakness and missing elements in your program. And what better way to get that outside perspective than someone who is educated and knowledgeable in all aspects related to your training plan? A trainer can help you progress past that plateau and achieve even higher goals by providing a comprehensive program.

Motivation & Accountability

Exercising on your own can be great for a while, but everyone’s human and motivation can sometimes wane. By adding a personal trainer you’re not only adding your own personal cheerleader; you’re partnering with someone who will keep you on track and hold you accountable because our trainers are invested in you and your goals and want you to succeed!

Provide Intensity & Intent

While a trainer will help to sustain motivation throughout the course of your program, the aspects of most importance that a trainer can provide you are intensity and intent. With all the knowledge and experience our trainers at Bayshore Fit have, they know exactly how to perfectly program intensity into training. By adjusting how many sets you do, the weight you progress to, and the rest intervals you use, just to name a few, the newfound intensity of your workouts will have you wondering why you didn’t team up with a trainer sooner!

Looking for a Personal Trainer in Tampa?

Now you might be thinking “well I know how to push myself and keep things intense so why should I invest in a trainer?” The answer – intent. Think of intent as the skill of executing the perfect exercise that aligns seamlessly with your goal. Your expert trainer knows exactly what exercises and movement patterns to use in order to get you to your specific goal; whether it’s becoming more flexible and mobile, gaining muscle, or increasing your endurance, your trainer knows precisely how to get you there. At Bayshore Fit, our first-class personal trainers in Tampa are ready to help you realize your goals. Give us a call today to learn more!